Are there questions you have that no one else can answer? Have you ever felt depressed or confused? Mrs. M can help you manage love, health, marriage, divorce, courtship, friends, rivals, decisions in your career, business, money matters - all aspects of life.

Mrs. M has 40 years experience in many areas of Psychic phenomena including Psychic Reading, Psychic Palms, Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Rock Reading, Past Life Regressions, Aura, Twin Flames Reading and Chakra Balancing. She also specializes in re-uniting loved ones and meditation for the mind, body and soul.

Available for Private and Group Parties and individual consultation. Mrs. M speaks both English and Spanish and is a licensed psychic. Please call 484-329-7985 for appointments and pricing information.


psychic-readings Psychic Reading
Find out the answers to your most-asked questions at Readings By Mrs. M. Whether your questions are about love, work, or anything else in your life, Mrs. M's psychic readings provide the answers you're looking for.


palm reading psychic Palm Reading
Palmistry or Cheiromancy is the art of character analysis & divination through the study of palms. Palm reading is found in almost all cultures. It can be traced back through history from ancient Egypt, the Chaldeans and to ancient India.


tarot-card-readings Tarot Card Readings
A Tarot reading is like a snapshot of what your life looks like at the time of the reading. The cards tune into your energy and give you an insight into unseen influences, patterns of behavior, obstacles, and strengths. A reading can give you an idea of where you are now, where you've come from, where you want to be, and how to get there.


crystal rock readings Crystal Rock Reading
Mrs. M has the ability to understand the proper stones to balance one's four energy bodies (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual). Her reading comes from your energy. In your reading Mrs. M will tell you about your prescribed primary and tertiary stones, and why they come up for you and the messages you may need to know from that information. What may be shocking to you is that the written energies of the stones Mrs. M chooses for you will undoubtedly correlate to what you are trying to balance. You may even be attracted to the prescribed stones already, as your body is smart enough to choose it's own healing energy.


past-life-regression Past Life Regression
Mrs. M will bring your past inclinations and talents (Karma) into our current life. Most of us are unaware of our karma and how it is affecting us presently. This is because the influence of our karma exists on another dimension and cannot be reached by our normal senses. A past life regression can be used to explore this life’s events and relationships to those you know now, and how you were connected in past lives. It can help you to enhance and crystallize what is good in your life today, by seeking to look into those past lives where we have lived our strengths and talents. A past life regression can bring understanding and clarity into some issues that seem to be blocking your progress in living joyously.


aura-reading Aura
Your body is made up of its physical appearance and the energy it emits. The energy of your body is expressed in terms of your aura. Physical appearance obviously is easily seen. Aura is something only skilled psychics can see and interpret. There is however a lot of mistaken beliefs about a person’s aura and how they are interpreted. Aura is something a psychic cannot actually see. Rather it is something perceived by the psychic’s sixth sense. Once perceived, the psychic can then derive information from a person’s aura. Your aura varies as your thoughts and mood changes. Thus, when you have an aura reading, a psychic will only get a bird’s eye view of your personality but she will be able to sense or detect that something is wrong with your energy as a result of a lingering problem.


chakra-balancing Chakra Balancing
Chakras are Entry Gates of the Aura. Within the physical body resides a body double, a spiritual body, that contains the Chakras. Chakras are centers of activity that receive, assimilate and express life force energy. They are responsible for the person's physical, mental, and spiritual functions. They absorb and transmit energies to and from the universe, nature, celestial entities, from people even from things. When your Chakras are out of balance you can experience restless nights, anxiety, depression, & loss of connection with your loved ones. The good news is there is help! Detoxify your soul with a spiritual Chakra Balancing.


twin flames Twin Flames
A Twin Flame (also Twin Soul) is a spiritual (New Age) concept describing a special soul connection between two halves of the same soul. The Twin Flames are thought to be a template for a new type of relationship between lovers. The fundamental thought behind this concept is that the dawning new era in human spiritual evolution will be a time when relationships foster enhanced spiritual growth between lovers, whereas in previous times and still early in the 21st century couples stay together for purposes of physical survival and economical safety more than anything else.

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